The First Step: Our Introductory Meeting

Choosing to engage in counselling or to work with a particular counsellor can be a challenging decision to make. Just picking up the phone or meeting with the counsellor for the first time can be a daunting experience.

You may find yourself asking "What will the counsellor be like?" "Will I be able to talk to them?" "What will the place be like?" "Will counselling even help?!"

These are normal concerns experienced by many and so I offer everyone an opportunity to meet with me (no charge) before having to commit to the counselling process.

This meeting is equally important to me as each individual is unique in both their concerns and needs. During this meeting you will have the chance to ask any questions you may have as well as helping us to see if we could work together. We can do this over the phone or meet in person, whichever feels most comfortable for you.

If you feel I may be able to help with anything that is troubling you then please contact me. I look forward to speaking with you!

Sessions & Fees

The duration of the sessions usually last between 50-60 minutes. How often you attend counselling will depend on your individual situation and this is something we can discuss during our introductory meeting (no charge).

Current Fees:

Individual counselling session: €50

Couples counselling session: €60

If you are interested in finding out more on how Trua can help you, and to arrange your introductory meeting (no charge), please...