What Is Trua?

Trua is a counselling & psychotherapy service for individuals, couples and families. Trua offers you a place where you are both respected and cared for with compassion and confidentiality.

Owned and run by Donna Bacon, Trua is conveniently located just 10 minutes from the city centre in a simple and spacious room that feels both calm and comfortable.

If you think that I may be able to help you, please contact me to arrange an introductory meeting (no charge).

What We Offer

Most of the time we are doing our best to cope with what life throws our way but there are times when we need an extra helping hand.

Trua counselling & psychotherapy offers you a place that is just for you; where you are free to say and feel what you need.

During our time together you will not be judged, whatever the issue you bring. Together, we will work on what is troubling you so that you can find a way to be who you truly want to be and have the life you wish for. Some of the issues that people come to me for support with include....

About Me

I deeply care about the well-being of people and have always been passionate about helping others.

I strongly believe in people's capabilities and resilience and so my way of working is based on developing a sense of empowerment within clients to overcome whatever challenges or struggles life throws their way.

I have been privileged to witness the growth of many clients which has not only reinforced my belief in the strength & resourcefulness of individuals but has also facilitated my own personal and professional growth.