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Hair Wash Day

Nioxin Loyalty Kit System 3


How to use


Always shampoo the hair and scalp twice. A euro sized amount of shampoo is more than enough. Create a lather in the hands and pop it into the scalp. Spend 30 seconds massaging the scalp, ignoring the hair. After the 30 seconds rinse well. 

Your second shampoo should be half the amount of product. Again, lathering into the hands and straight onto the scalp, this time you should get a much greater lather even when using half the amount of product. This time involve the ends of your hair very gently and leave for two minutes, bringing under the hairline. Rinse well. 


Pop a euro sized amount into the palm of your hands and rub them together. Drag the product through your scalp like John Travolta in Grease, cover your crown, over your ears, the nape of your neck and massage well. Pop some more product into the ends of your hair, leave everything for 2 minutes and rinse well. 

Scalp Treatment:

This is just to be used after your hair wash. Take your out of the towel gently, get it into it's natural split and pop 1 - 2 pumps into the palm of your hand. With your fingertip grab some product and massage it into the skin all around your hairline. From ear to ear. You should have some product leftover, pick that up and with your fingertips massage that into the crown of your head. Always focus on the scalp/skin rather than the hair. Pop some kind of detangling product into the ends of your hair and only then brush it through. 

* encourages healthy hair growth
Redken All Soft Mega Curl Shampoo


How to use

Apply to wet hair, massage into a lather, and rinse.

***for curly hair*** check against below REDKEN ALL SOFT in gold
Redken All Soft Shampoo


How to use

Apply to wet hair, massage into a lather. Rinse.

*** not sure if you had used this or one above*** this contains Argan Oil which is fab for nourishment/moisture

Additional Scalp Care

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Additional Hair Care

Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Leave-In Treatment


How to use

* heat protection, styling aid , smoothes, tames frizz, adds shine, conditions, and helps reduce hair breakage

In a perfect World

Dyson Airwrap™ Long Nickel/Copper


How to use

Private: 100% Silk Pillowcase


How to use

To protect the longevity of this product you can machine wash on a low delicate heat with mild detergent and allow to air dry. Hand wash where possible.

Silk Blend Scrunchies


How to use

Use to tie your hair up (loosely) at night, this will help minimize breakage.

Private: Nioxin Night Density Rescue


How to use

To use Nioxin Night Density Rescue, apply a small amount of the treatment to your scalp before bed. Massage it gently into your scalp for a few minutes to help it absorb. Do not rinse it out. Leave it on overnight and wash your hair in the morning as usual.

For best results, use Nioxin Night Density Rescue every night. Combine it with other Nioxin hair care products for a comprehensive hair care routine that will help you achieve thicker, healthier-looking hair.

*anti- aging scalp serum


Private: P.S We Love Hair Wrap Me Up


How to use

Towel dry your hair gently with the Wrap, pat the scalp dry and squeeze the ends dry. Do not rub or be aggressive with the hair. Use button to secure.

*towels can be rough on hair /scalp important to chose most gentle*
Magic Brush – Black Matte


How to use

Always start brushing your hair from the ends and work your way up.

*it's importnat to gently brush hair 2X a day and before wash*


K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask – 50ml


How to use

Do not use hair conditioner the day you use K18. Towel dry thoroughly. Begin with 1 pump of the K18 Mask and add more as needed depending on the length, thickness, and condition. Work evenly into hair from ends to roots, one pump at a time. Let sit for 4 minutes, after this add your de-tangler or heat protector and brush your hair through. For best results, use k18 4-6 times consecutively and then to maintain the results use every 3-4 washes.

* helps to repair damaged hair - results visbile generally between 4th-6th treatment

Once a Week

Private: Mediceuticals Therarx


How to use

Everyone should use Therarx once a week on a dry scalp before your hair wash and distribute with your fingers tips , leave on the scalp for up to 10 minutes . Then rinse really well before applying shampoo .

* liquid exfoliators are our friends* important to keep scalp clear*


Act+Acre Dry Shampoo – 17g


How to use

* help in absorbing excesssive sebum ligering around on scalp esp. after workouts - before hair wash day


Annutri Grow It – 60 Capsules


How to use

Take 2 per day with food. If you're not a fan of swallowing tablets whole, you can open the capsule and pop in your juice/smoothie.

healthy and strong hair starts at the root - and vitamins/supplemets can provide that addional support
SECTION ONE: SCALP Oily Scalp: by exfoliating once a week and leaning on dry shampoo ( gym etc) the scalp should feel less oily and balanced. However, if it continues to feels oily, we can move to either REDKEN Scalp Relief Shampoo (which will help cleanse and purify greasy scalp while providing moisture to mid- ends) or go with Mediceuticals Oily Scalp Kit treatment. Can also give DAVINES REBALANCING Cleansing Treatment (a liquid scalp treatment that reduces hyper-production of sebum on scalp making hair greasy /feeling heavy. As with most cases, the body of your hair needs moisture ( which is why the ALL SOFT range felt effective) but now it’s a matter of having more awareness what the scalp needs are. GET BACK IN TOUCH WITH US and we will re-ass which would be best before committing to something. **REMINDER** Dry Shampoo — it’s main purpose is to help to get to wash day -will help in absorbing any excessive sebum on scalp (especially after gym to make scalp feel less oily + congested ) SECTION TWO: MID-ENDS Martinnson King – Hydrating Infusion Serum (can be added to shampoo/conditioner providing additional hydration) SECTON THREE: DYSON DEVICES Super Sonic Dryer comes with the following 5 attachments: Diffuser = curly styling, Wide Tooth Comb = straight styling, Gentle = to dry short hair like partner/child, Flyaway = tames flyaways, Nozzle = precision styling when wanting to straighten hair with help of brush *Diffuser* will help to define curls – mimics natural air drying – however it requires a bit of patience and time to twist hair when wet to define its natural shape as prep for the difusser *Wide Tooth Comb* give this guy a go when you want to dry you hair straight and quickly – that is what it’s designed for – section your hair into 4 quadrants and glide the wide tooth comb through until hair is dry Airwrap Multi -Styler is like a blow dry kit for home and comes with the following attachments: 30mm barrel, 40mm barrel, firm comb, smoothing, pre- styler + flyaway attachment, and round brush Why it would be worthwhile to explore? Because it’s main purpose is to make achieving various styles more easier. Although it is a wet to dry styler ( meaning you are suppose to wash your hair, rough dry it and follow through with the chosen tool that achieves desired style) it’s brilliant for top ups. Meaning, let’s say you needed to style hair for an event, special occasion or just meeting friends out. You could use the barrels to re-define your natural curls ( if you dried your hair naturally on wash day) or use the firming brush to smooth hair for a straighter finish. YES – you would need to mist hair lightly before either style BUT that is because it will create smoother, shinier results with hold. SECTION FOUR: CUT Layers: if your hair is one length and given it’s density – it does contribute to hair being weighted down / flat. So layers could be a great option in attaining some volume and giving curls some styling structure. SECTION FIVE: STYLING PRODUCTS Curls require hold with hydration even if drying naturally – hence styling sprays are best if lotions are too heavy for definition and hold. Straighter finishes also require hold with hydration and lightweight serums may be an option if lotions feel too heavy. SECTION SIX: REPAIR REDKEN Acidic Bonding Concentrate range is great for strengthening hair bonds, repairing damage and protecting colour treated hair. This is perfect for those wanting the benefits of repairing products but found OLAPLEX being too heavy. Leaves hair silky soft. K18 is the ultimate hero in repairing damaged hair – best results generally visible between 4th-6th treatment. IMPORTANT to note that if hair is extremely dehydrated it may require more moisture – this can be achieved by waiting 10 minutes after applying mask to wet hair down and applying additional hydrating leave in products.