Simone Trichology DNA Pollen Treatment 150 ml


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DNA Pollen Treatment is a hair loss treatment with an enhancing effect on the regeneration of the hair follicle, especially in alopecias like Androgenic Alopecia and severe hair loss. DNA POLLEN TREATMENT  is a hair revitalizer and hair loss treatment with a powered effects over regeneration and renovation of hair follicle, due its complex composed by:
  • DNA: desoxyribonucleic acid. it helps to maintain the total functionality of hair follicle, avoiding mistakes in the proteins formation.
  • Pollen: natural product extremely rich in proteins. tones up the metabolism of hair follicles. high nutritive power. reduces seborrhoea production.
  • Vitamins: vitamin complex formed by vitamins b2, b6, b12, h, a , e, and panthotenol, exerts an important revitalizing action over hair follicle.
  • Amino acids: the zinc acts as a natural inhibitor of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, this one, is involved in the production of the DHT (dehydrotestosterone). similar both in men and in women.
  • Peptides: it promote to the development of the hair and slow down the appearing of the seborrhoea. formed by vitamins, enzymes and sulphuric amino acids, specially cistine.

Wash at least three times weekly with Prevention Hair Loss shampoo (Ref. 001) alternating with Hair Nutrients Royal Jelly shampoo

Apply DNA+POLLEN TREATMENT 150ml twice a day on the scalp and hair clean, massage in a circle using fingers, then extend into the tips of the hair. the treatment can be used on either wet or dry hair.

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