Meet our amazing client Maria…

Why did you decide to reach out to Trua?

I wanted to get my hair and scalp to a healthier place with some tailored advice prior to getting married.

Did you do a Consultation with Trua?

Yes. I had a consultation with Claire which was very informative around hair washing and brushing techniques for me, the correct scalp products to use and hair mask usage. I learned a lot from the engagement.

What hair or scalp issues did you have?

I have very fine and thin hair which is prone to breaking and splitting.

Please describe your experience with Trua after looking for advice.

The process to book a consultation is very simple. I gained a lot of advice – simple learnings like tying my hair low when going to bed, washing my hair twice and at lower temperatures, and the correct energising products to use for my hair and scalp. The prescription you receive afterwards is also very useful to refer back to.

What is your favourite piece of advice you received from Trua?

Avoid dry shampoo as much as you can.

What is your favourite product?

Nioxin 3D intensive deep protect density mask.

How would you describe the progress of your hair/scalp care journey?

My heart is healthier than ever and with a regular cutting schedule it has really improved. It will never be naturally thick but with the right products and care it has started to grow more, and has the appearance of thicker hair.

What advice would you give to someone that is undecided on reaching out to Trua?

Go for it. You will gain a lot of knowledge on your hair and scalp, and the products that are best for you. You will also get detailed information on how to use those products, which is crucial to make sure you are using them correctly to ensure the best results.