Meet our amazing client Kim…

How did you first learn about Trua?

A friend recommended I contact you after someone she worked with had success with your advice.

Why did you decide to reach out to Trua?

Extreme scalp sensitivity when I started chemo (so sore I cried) the products recommended worked wonders and then once chemo was finished for advice on how to encourage hair growth and to learn what to do.

Did you do a Consultation with us? Describe your experience.

Yes it was with Sarah and it was great. Everything was described in step by step instructions with the reasons why (big thing for me) so that I could know how it would help.

What hair or scalp issues did you have?

Sensitivity due to chemo initially then once my hair began to grow again how to mind and encourage it.

Please describe your experience with Trua after looking for advice.

Fantastic, I initially wanted a consultation as my scalp was so sore and sensitive but when there was no appointments and I described what was happening I was given the advice anyway.

What is your favourite piece of advice you received from Trua?

Initially the Davines calming treatment because I really was struggling with the pain on my scalp but then after that mu Dyson supersonic! So my new hair will never be heat damaged.

What is your favourite product?


How would you describe the progress of your hair/scalp care journey?

From initial falling out point, to helping me manage that, and the consultation to show me what I needed to do next, it was so simple and helpful all the way through. I’ve also recommended another lady I know who was starting chemo to get the Davines calming products and with my last order I got an extra Watermans grow me spray for another friend.

What advice would you give to someone that is undecided on reaching out to Trua?

Just do it. You’ll learn so much.